Green Architecture an ecological way of living

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Green Architecture an ecological way of living

The quality of life, which people strive for, can be achieved only through Green architecture and resistant and cleansed urbanised environment. It is what will ensure the completeness of the ground and its biological diversity. The ecological architectural design ensures the preservation of resources and energetic sufficiency, the healthy buildings and materials, the ecological and socially regarded use of the land, the protection of the biological diversity. The Green Architecture decreases the unfavourable effect of man towards the natural habitat and at the same time increases the quality of life.

Green architecture house exterior

The modern green architecture house is a place with an entirely ecological concept. The wood-covered façade gives this kind of home an elegant outlook, and the presence of many large windows allows the sunlight to enter in and refresh the interior picture. The roof construction must be equipped with photocells or sun panels. A single photo voltage system on the roof will produce all the necessary electricity for the entire household. The well isolated walls and windows, manufactured from energy saving glass, which creates regulated ventilation, are prerequisites for an ecological way of living. Just as important is the question how the building fits in the surroundings. The preservation of the natural surroundings and the building’s correlation to them gives the opportunity for the inhabitants to feel comfortable and at the same time be in direct contact with the cleanliness, which nature gives.

Green architecture house interior design


The interior should also be correlated with the green architecture. Natural materials are the leading choice in this case. Floor and wall coverings from cork ensure the noise isolation and heat isolation of the rooms and are particularly appropriate for people with allergies. The wooden furniture is suitable for furnishing, as are the rattan and bamboo furniture. The contemporary ergonomic design can be achieved through using green materials, which makes it the favourable choice for the interior.

Green architecture interior design


Hand-crafted decorative elements, natural materials and colours are not only more beautiful and sustainable, but are also suitable for providing a clean living environment. Green Architecture homes are without a doubt the homes of tomorrow. They will ensure not only the cosiness and comfort of living, but will also restore the touch with the environment, lost in the process of urbanization. This will ensure the balance of living, so that the surrounding environment would be clean for the next generations.

Text by B. Angelov

Green Architecture an ecological way of living


Green Architecture an ecological way of living


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