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Architecture Lake Lugano House Design

Architecture. In regards to future architecture we can say, that the accomplishments of science are becoming increasingly influential in intelligent buildings’ design.

They offer good comfort of habitation, energy economy, improvement in the safety level of habitation, reduce on amortizations of exploitation and control on the parameters of habitation and exploitation. All this is taken in regards to architecture.

Architecture Lake Lugano House


Architecture Lake Lugano House

According to the above characteristics, the intelligent houses can be projected in regards to architecture in such a way, that various entry points, such as buttons, remote controls, voice recognition, sensory screens, computer programming and internet can be monitored by the household owner. In order to imagine such surroundings easier, we can take into account what we dream of having at home. Everyone would like to know how warm it is at home during the winter and whether or not he would be coming home to an ice cave.

Architecture Lake Lugano House Interior

We would then look from the office computer what the temperature is in the living-room, kitchen or bed-room, for instance. If we don’t think the temperature is appropriate, we can change it with a mere click of a button. Arriving home is considered a fact by the intelligent house and its job is to take care of the lighting, favourite music, the comfortable and calm sleep and even for the morning breakfast and coffee. And after the household owners’ departure, all processes in it are maintained at a minimal energy regime and a sensory security system. If we are absent for a prolonged period, we can follow everything in the house via the internet. This is not a strenuous task for the investor and it’s an appropriate investment in regards to our home’s architecture.

Architecture Lake Lugano House Exterior


Architecture Lake Lugano House Exterior

In regards to the intelligent house’s architecture, we can say that such a building spares the environment and generates less carbon dioxide per square meter than the common buildings and its price is also constant in time because of the smaller amortization value added. If we decide to build or repair, maybe it’s time to put the matter of the intelligent building in foreground when laying out the ideas to our architect, as this would be essential to our new home. This would also be a good option in regards to architecture, focusing on its sustainability and development.

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Architecture Lake Lugano House Exterior Design


Architecture Lake Lugano House Exterior Design

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