The Versatility of a Natural Tree Trunk Planter


At first glance this might not look like the design idea of the century, and the simple fact is, it isn’t!  This humble idea is not going to win prizes or change the world of home interiors.  But the natural tree trunk planter has got serious potential, if you have sufficient imagination to take a basic idea and run with it.

Natural Tree Trunk Planter


As an alternative to traditional terracotta or modern plastic planters why not display your prize plant specimens in a natural tree trunk planter?  This is something you can make yourself using logs from fallen trees or even wood cut ready for the stove.  Illustrated here the log planter has been filled with a collection of attractive succulents and cacti.

This display is an ideal way of bringing plant life into your home if your busy lifestyle doesn’t leave much time for tending a other exotic species.  Succulents and cacti take only require minimal attention, in fact some people say that they thrive on neglect!  Of course we are not recommending this last approach!

To Make the Natural Tree Trunk Planter:


  • Firstly select a suitable log ring from a fallen tree branch or tree trunk.
  • Then strip of the outer bark to get to the smooth inner surface.
  • Use a large drill bit or wood gouge to hollow out your log. This needs to be carved to a depth that will contain sufficient compost or earth to keep your plants happy.
  • Now that the basic container is ready, you need to finish it by smoothing the rough surfaces with sandpaper.
  • Finally apply a coat of lacquer or varnish to your planter to protect it from water and the elements.  This will also intensify the color and wood grain pattern

Transform Your Home and Garden with Natural Tree Trunk Planters


This simple idea can become the basis of some ambitious planting schemes that transform your interior spaces, patio areas or even areas in your garden.  Using the same principle but altering the scale and shape of your natural tree trunk planters, you can make substantial and dramatic displays of all kinds of plants.  You could create planters in tall trunk sections, or even logs that have more than one branch, for a powerful visual effect.  Group tree trunk planters together to create a natural looking garden corner on a balcony or sun patio.  For an interior planting scheme, use a similar approach, but group smaller log planters onto window ledges or shelves.  Or how about making a massive interior tree trunk planter for an entrance hall?  This could have stunning impact especially if set within an ultra modern, minimalist, or ‘industrial chic’ interior.  Your once humble, natural tree trunk planter could become the basis of a massive style statement that contrasts natural forms against a purely manmade backdrop.

Published by Minimalist