Building architecture in the exotic Panama City


Building architecture – Hotel Plaza Paitilla

Building architecture has its specific features and pretty signs in any part of the world.

The differences in world cultures and civilizations through the epoch in the different regions create the big variety of trends, traditions and currents in the interior, exterior and architecture design. This tendency leads to the making the architecture something more than a building construction but an art, and even an art – yes, building architecture nowadays is a real art.

Building architecture – Revolution tower


Building architecture – Revolution tower

This article is devoted to the building architecture in the exotic Panama City. You may think this so far away from your own country capital is backward and too different to be understood and accepted by the contemporary architects in the modern world, but you will be absolutely wrong expressing this opinion. You must know, that Panama City has really lots of to show to you if you are an admirer of the building architecture deeds and works. Starting with the Revolution tower in Panama City, the building architecture in the world has really something new to learn from. The extremely amazing curved structure of this building, which symbolizes so many values as freedom, spirit, struggle, love and humanity, is almost in the heart of the capital and most visitors in the country are leaving it with the memory exactly of the awesome tower. Building architecture in Panama City has even more to show you.

Building architecture – Torres las Americas

The extremely beautiful and vanguard building architecture in Panama City may be also connected with the great masterpieces as the Torres las Americas, the Mystic Point Towers, The Credicorp Bank Tower, the Global Bank Tower, Hotel Plaza Paitilla and many , many other examples of the genius constructions, created in this part of the world. All of them place a new approach into the creation of the contemporary world building architecture – with style, practicality and eccentricity.

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Building architecture – The Credicorp Bank Tower


Building architecture – The Credicorp Bank Tower

Building architecture – Global Bank Tower


Building architecture – Global Bank Tower


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