World Architecture award for best house in 2011

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Architecture award for best house in 2011


Architecture award best house-InBetween House

When it comes to home places, world architecture is familiar with many ideas and conceptions about homes and lifestyles – these different ideas are due to the differences in the cultures and traditions around the world. For Japanese, for instance, home is something more than a place to live – it is a sacred and intimate place to be constructer, organized, furnished and decorated without some inner idea. World architecture has given the Japanese architects credits for this amazing home conception.

World architecture festival-InBetween House


World architecture festival-InBetween House by Koji Tsutsui & Associates

World architecture festival has given their architecture award in house category exactly to a Japanese project. The house is located in the forest suburban of Karuizawa region (Japan) and it is constructed, designed and built by Koji Tsutsui & Associates. They have presented a beautiful, but simple, compact and convenient wooden house that impresses with its provincialism, coziness and simplified look outside. Nevertheless, the architecture award was given for its inner intricate plan.

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